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[Fwd: UFO Brakes]

Peter et al- 
		Here's the original- sorry I neglected to quote it the first time.

gregsj@mail.imm.com wrote:
> Fellow Audians; I had an interesting conversation with Dan (THE MAN)
> Simoes own mechanic the other day about UFO brakes. Mr. Greg Haymann
> of the Autofirm (914.855.0170) say they need not be problematic. He
> states:
>         1) There is a brake bias adjustment valve at the rear of the
>         cars that requires a pressure gauge for appropriate
>         adjustment and you never can have too much rearward bias;
>         2) Change the brake fluid once a year at the beginning of
>         summer;
>         3) Keep the front mounting hubs rust free and as clean as
>         possible;
>         4) Make sure the brake duct/cooling vents are wide open (they
>         tend to close up a bit (look under the front bumper for the
>         air flow entry points).
> Usual disclaimers and all that. Greg