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help-how to replace rear speakers in 90/CQ with amp? (wiring diagrams)

Well, I pulled the rear speakers last night out of the Coupe Q with Dave
Head, in an attempt to wire around the amps to get rid of my stereo "whine".
 In the process I broke the cone on one speaker, it was so old and brittle
that I slightly touched it and it started to fall apart in my hands.

So, it's time to replace the rear speakers!  Does anyone who replaced their
rears remember the wiring diagrams or which colors to use for the speakers?
 there is about 10 wires going into those things, I've figured out which are
for the tweeters, but the rest is a mystery.  Tell me what you did in
replacing your rear speakers, how you integrate the tweeters and what type of
speakers I should buy without spending alot of $.


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