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Re: Another look in the mirror

Scott et al,

I had a pair of Euro beams on my '84 Maxima, got them from a motorcycle dealer.  I did use them in fog here on the East Coast.  Mostly they were completely superior to the stock lights, but I think you are correct about the bounce back, for fog, but it doesn't have to be thick or pea soup.  Fatigue starts in mild fog sooner than poor vision.  I would have to say that >95% of the time they are better than stock lights.  In areas where one gets fog often, I would say it would cut back to 90% or so.

3)  Euro beam pattern is not well suited for the US of A....
It has a sharp cutoff for about 1/2 the beam spread,
then angles up to the right, the object of this is
to give a longer throw of beam down the right side of the car without
blinding oncoming traffic (yes UK patterns are the opposite) ....  It is also
meant to be turned OFF when running fogs in the really thick stuff, few
states here allow this as a rule....  The reflectance from that angle up beam
is prolly worse than the US low beam pattern.....

I enjoyed the upsweep on the right (USA) to read road signs, see pedestrians, etc. except in fog.  Then I think one runs into glare coming back too soon & high distracting one from the road directly ahead.  In good weather one will see bicyclists & people walking at night which is quite useful.

Maybe someone from a country or area with lots of fog & using Euro's presently would like to comment, Phil etc.?

To say that there is something better & almost impossible to find in the proper low beams should be illegal.  Well that's good, it is.  Your posts make me wish I could buy a fixture to allow a round quad setup in my '93 100CSQ with Lexan covers like the inferior WMB's.  To make it myself is probably 8 - 12 hrs work without the proper shop, only drill & jigsaw.  Can't make molded Lexan myself.

Vince Jones

'93 100CSQ stick, steel wheels & Dunlop 200 Graspics