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Re: 20v Oil Filter?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Steve Gronback say:

>         I purchased a Fram oil filter for my '91 20v 200 Quattro Turbo.  It
> fits, is cheap, and is the correct Fram part #.  The dealer, however, says
> don't use anything but the Audi filter (at 10 times the price).
>         Is this good advice?  Is the Audi filter gold plated.  Does it matter?

It's not gold-plated, but it does have a *working* filter medium
in it (not paper like the Fram), and a drain-back valve, important
to valve train life.

Don't buy them at the dealer. I get them from my local import parts
store for about $4-5. Imparts sells them mail order for about the same.
Blaufergnugen has them for (I think) $3 in case lots of 12.


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