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Re: Leaking Water Pump please HELP

From: dougev <dougev@newpig3.newpig.com>

>    My 85 4KQ is leaking water from the water pump.  It leaks about 6 ozs
>per week and seems to be getting worse.  I only put a few 100 miles per
>week on it.  What can I expect relative to the final failure?  Will it
>slowly go or can I expect a big blow out?  Anyone give me a guess of how
>long I have until I have to change it?

Mine did that a few of years ago, and then stopped doing it for two years! 
 The gush changed to a very slow leak - I didn't even use RadWeld.  Some of 
them fail catastrophically and it becomes very expensive to replace all that 
antifreeze so often.  Replace it as soon as it is convenient..

>    Also,  when I do change it I guess I should also do the timing belt.


>In the Bentley it shows some sort of extension on a torque wrench and a
>torque for that wrench.  Can someone tell me what the tightening torque
>is with no extension or multiplier....(with a big torque wrench directly
>on the pulley nut)

This has been discussed before and people have estimated about 400lbft. 
 This usually equates to standing on the end of a 3 foot breaker bar!

>    I also have another question...My compression ratios vary quite a lot..
>120 - 155- 108 - 159 - 128.   The car doesn't burn oil and starts fairly
>quickly and seems to have good power.   What might be the cause of these
>low numbers? (Car has 88,000 miles on it)  Could it be burnt valves?  I
>read something in Bentley about little cracks in the valve seats...is
>this a common problem and could this be the cause?  While I have the
>timing belt off..should I do a head job?

108 beside 159 sounds a bit much.  Check Bentley/Haynes for specifications. 
 Have you tried pouring oil in the spark plug hole and repeating the test? 
 If things improve, then rings are at fault.  If no improvement, then valves 
or gasket.  At those sort of miles, it might be worth replacing the valve 
guides if you are lifting the head - you probably won't need to touch the 
engine again for another 88,000 miles.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant