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Re: LA Auto Show

>Ah, I was just at the lesser SF Auto show and saw that the A6qw and 
>ovlov 960 wagon were the same price at around 38k. The T5R and 
>varients are smaller and not the same class of car, hence the 
>existence of the 960.

Uhh Mike, sorry, but I was talking about the S70/90 and V70/90 and not
the 960.  The 960 is last years model, big and boxy, with no turbo or
awd.  Smaller and not the same class?  I don't think so.  They didn't
even have 1997 models at the LA Auto Show.  BTW, the A6's I saw were
both 41K, not 38K.

>Ah...ask any PCA member what the best autocrossers are...may not be 
>pretty to some, may be VW (in the family though!) power...but boy can >they be made to handle!!! (can you say '70's design that eats 

Where did this come from?  I never mentioned anything about VW other
than that I would not buy one.

>Ah...not in my experience...good case in point, close friend's '95 M3 >with around 20k miles, rear ashtray filled with little bits of 
>interior parts, screws, and stuff....At 12 model years and 156k miles >old, my car's interior details out to look like new and NOTHING has 
>fellen off yet. Older bummers (owned 5 of em) have the tear out
>seat mounts and really crappy materials. A quick read of a recent EC >article about 5 series stearing box mounts tearing off doesn't 
>instill confidence that they still have'nt figured out material 
>thickness requirements in some places.

Sorry Mike.  You can make generalizations about cars that you personally
do not own at this time, but here are two facts about one car I drive
every day and two I have driven at least 200 times each:

My dad's M5: perfect fit and finish (interior and exterior).  My mom's
325ix: (Yes!  The AWD BMW) perfect fit and finish (interior and
exterior).  My '90 80Q:  used the 3 Year Warranty more than I wanted to
for innumerable interior/exterior things falling off and dying, as well
as plaenty of mechanical woes.

>The last oh BTW regards the Boxster-it isn't supposed to "around 
>50k", rather 39,995 and no dealer mark-up allowed...gotta have one 
>someday even if it ain't a q (in my dreams).

Well, you just get on Southwest Airlines from the Bay Area for $100
round trip and go to the LA Auto Show and check all the Boxters there,
none of which were at 39,995k but were higher and up to 50 large.

>Last comment, I too live in "sunny CA" and I don't ski. Some might 
>ask why a q? Simply because I am addicted to the handling 
>capabilities that more or less all q's possess, and I love the grins >that driving q's bring to my face. Made me never look back at bummers >at all, and only miss P-word cars a little. If bummers are that good->why must they ban awd to win in touring car classes??? Okay, as usual >I rambled on more than enough and apologize for the noise to any I 

Won't address the usual BMW bashing yet again, but Mike, if you were in
the vicinity of the SF Auto Show, do you really live in Sunny Ca?

Former QCUSA #356
'90 80Q