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RE: Strange and mysterious belt squeeling

I wrote:
> On my holiday voyage home, I noticed a rather odd squeeling noise. It 
> isn't the alternator belt, ...

Phil responded:

>Probably not a belt at all.
>Odds are good for clutch throw-out bearing or crankshaft oil seal.
>The former will _only_ occur in motion, and the latter will gradually get worse 
>and start to happen stationary at idle.  If it _is_ the crankshaft oil seal, 
>pulling the dipstick will shut it up.

Thanks Phil,
       I think it's the clutch throw-out bearing. As for now, it's happening
quite infrequently. It nevers happens at idle and only occurs in motion.
SO.. at least I know what the source of my strange and mysterious "belt
squealing" is. 

He continued:       
>In both cases the solution is much the same - get the gearbox off and renew the 
>thrust washer, oil seal, clutch plate, clutch slave cylinder and hose.
>The last three will probably be unnecessary - but when you see how much it 
>costs to strip a Q down that far ... you won't want to be doing it again for 
>another 100k at least.

Okay.. when it becomes unbearable, or undriveable, I'll have the work done. 
I'll be sure to have my mechanic replace the other parts that might go as well.
Thank you, and thanks to Ingo and Chad Clark as well for their helpful advice.
Happy New Years to everyone!!
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (150K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY