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91 200q ABS /electrical

So, the story goes, I was getting tired of my present problems, and
decided it was time for some new ones. 

Form of a 91 200q, jail-bait-red. I bought it in Michigan just before
New Years and drove it back to San Diego via Vail/Telluride CO, then
(apres-ski) through that wonderful winter storm the Weather Channel was
hyping doewn in the Southwest U.S. Not much fresh snow, but hour after
hour of driving on ice/really hard-packed snow. Thank god for quattro
and Blizzaks (not the best IMO, but they came with the car). The car now
has 150k on it and is in mint condition, did not burn a drop of oil all
the way across country, and all systems are bone dry as far as leaks go.
The car is mint, EXCEPT for the following :-| ....

First problem:  The cooling ducts for the front UFO's filled with road
mush/snow/ice, and froze. Not good for brake cooling. Damned UFO's only
have 15k on them since replacement (pads, rotors *and* calipers) and
they're already warped (b/c of aforementioned cooling problem, I
suspect). I'm no engineer, but this seems like a pretty dumb design,
given the car is othewise just about the best thing in the world in
these conditions (not deep snow, mind you). The rotors seem to have
straightened out a bit since removal of debris + repeated hard stops
from high speeds.

Second Problem:  The ABS kicks the pedal back at me when after coming to
a complete stop, as when you've stopped for a red light and are awaiting
green. You hear that grating ABS noise, and the pedal kicks back,
relieving the brake pressure. When I turn it off (via the dash switch)
the brakes are fine (just no ABS). Any ideas?

Third Prob (and possibly related to the first): The 'worn pad' indicator
light is always on, though the pads are not worn, and the sensors on the
pads are fine. A break in the wire somewhere? Related to #2?

Also, parking brake d/n work. 

Did the previous mechanic misinterpret 'break' system for 'brake'

There's also a lot of unusual electrical 'clicking' noise coming from
behind the driver's knee bolster. This is where a lot of relays are
placed in my 86. Apply the brakes = 2 clicks. Turn Signal = random out
of cadence clicks. Sounds like something's shorting out. The
warning/indicator screen goes psychadelic after driving for 15-30

Anybody had any of these probs? I've not been able to find (given
limited time) answers in archives.

All help is much appreciated. Please help me put my new toy together


91 200q

BTW, I'm no expert automotive electrician, so laymanship as far as that
stuff goes is appreciated ;-).