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RE: new shocks for coupe

In a note dated 1/7/97. Mike Williams asks;
<snip>They are made by KYB, i am not sure of the exact model, but they
were recommended by my mechanic. I was just wondering if anyone has had any
experience with these before i install them...<snip>
I put KYB’s in my 4ksq around 15k miles ago and have been quite pleased with
them. I was told they offer standard gas and “sport” gas and was told that
the “sport” versions are usualy too stiff. I went with standard gas and am
very happy with them. Only one minor detail that may be shock related (can’t
figure out what else it could be) is a rear clunk (mostly over speed bumps at
very slow speeds)-new control arm bushings and strut bushings were installed
with the strut inserts, rear diff mounts are fine, sub-frame bushings are
fine...my P/A trained/q expert mechanic buddy looked at it recently and found
no visable things wrong-thinks it may be the strut insert shifting slightly
inside the strut housing...if so, this would indicate a poor fit, but fronts
are fine.

With old stock springs and fresh bushings this q handles just like my ‘87
commerative build with so-called “sport suspension” did when it was new, and
far better than another ‘85 I once had that I had fresh Boge turbo TS struts
in...in other words I’m very pleased with the KYB’s. Would buy ‘em again, but
won’t have to for this car as they carry a lifetime warranty too! I know
flame me now, asian shocks on a german car...oh, and I run Bridgestone tires
too-good thing I just payed my penance to the Audi-gods!!!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (with KYB’s and not afraid to admit it!)