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84 4KQ for sale

Hello to everyone on the Q-list,
I have been a reader of the Q-list for some time but just recently
subscribed. This is my first message to the Q-list!!!
I just upgraded to a 87 5KTQ so I need to sell my 84 4KQ. It has 165K
miles and runs great. I have all maintence records (9 yrs) and some
recent new parts: tires, center exhaust, brakes. I have run synthetic
oil since 100K miles. This has been one of the best, low maintence,
cars I have ever owned (the best snow car I have ever driven, bar
The body is in excellent shape (always garaged) for its age, it was
light hailed on 5.5 yrs ago but over the years the hail has "gone
away" (due to temperature changes - my theory) to the point it is
hardly noticable. Interoir is excellent. Red with dark brown/black
interior, AC, roof, AM-FM cass, cruise, windows etc. Am asking $2500.
Am located in the Denver CO area.