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Re: Fuel filter

> There has been some talk of the pre filter today. Is there also
> one on the 5k/200 as well ? I have only changed the FF under the hood ?
... I'm pretty sure that I've got one on the '88 5kQ.  I wouldn't necessarily
worry about changing it that regularly as long as you are using quality gas. 
If you do decide to change the filter I'd recommend running the tank as close 
to empty as you dare to maximize the amount of crud in the tank that gets 
sent to the filter.  There is also a screen at the inlet to the pump as well,
if you're in there changing the filter you might want to make sure that the 
screen isn't clogged too ... the word I've heard is that having a dirty 
screen/prefilter can contribute to noisy fuel pumps and premature failure ...

The only related problem that I've had was that my '78 Fox GTI has a screen 
inside the fuel tank.  I was having a problem where the engine would stumble
and lose power under acceleration when the tank got below 1/4.  I replaced 
the screen and resolved the problem ... the interesting thing is that upon 
visual inspection the screen did not appear to be clogged ...

Steve Buchholz