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Re: Oil Filter Difference's, in general

You are catching on to the biggest "scam" in the auto industry!  That
is for dealers, and oil companies to "take" your money!  The industry
as a whole prays on people's fears, and lack of knowledge! 

The oil filter is made of different type of filtering media. That is
the filter inside the can can be made from paper(most common)
metalic(rare) or a combination of two or more type's of media!  Most
filters are made by a company contracted to fill an order from another
company(Fram, Deutsch, Perolator, Amsoil, etc...)
These companies make tens of thousands of filters and sell to anyone,
and put anyone's name on the can! 
The thing to do is go out and buy every different make of filter you
can find(BTDT)
Then cut each one open and compare the filter media! There you will
see the difference and the simularities!  There you will be able to
draw a conclusion!

Now the filter size plays an important role in its capacity to "clean"
and duration
of its service life!  Take a look at the filter on a VW diesel Golf!
There Huge!
Almost twice the size of a "normal" Golfs filter.  Why is this?  In
order to get
the filter to clean the oil enough, and long enough, the thing has to
be BIG enough.
The diesel motor makes oil very dirty, very quickly!

So why dont all cars come with a huge filter?  Here's the scam!  If
you filter the oil
too good, it doesnt have to be changed as often, nor does the filter,
and the motor will last longer!  This all equates to "Money" .  Money
spent to change that dirty oil
and filter at 3K at the dealer!  Now your new car has a bigger filter,
and oil is changed at 7.5K.  Bigger filter, less change, more
duration, better filtration!  Less cost? NO! Filter costs more to
offset that money the dealer has grown use to
from past filter changes!  Plus the synthetic oil costs 3 times as
much as conventional oil! If you think it doesnt add up, the auto
repair industry
(dealers) banked 16 billion in profit last year from changing oil!

How much was your last oil change at the dealership? 

Mine was $18 with 4 quarts Mobil 1 + filter!