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Starting problems on my '91 200

Once in a while, my 91 200 has problems starting.  It turns over normal, but
it takes much longer to start, sometimes even shutting off when it finally
does start.  It is hesitent when you step on the accelerator.  It stays at
the same RPM and is kind of jerky as it revs higher, although it is fine at
RPMs up to about 3500.  I have already tried many things to remedy the
situation.  A couple months ago, I took it to the dealer, where they replaced
all 5 fuel injectors.  Some bad gas apparently ate through the seals around
the injectors.  Also, the spark plugs have been replaced numerous times.  I
have also tried fuel injector cleaner and high octane gas, all with no
results.  This has been a problem for some time now, and no one is really
sure what the problem is.  If anyone else has experienced this same problem
or has an idea of what the cause is, please let me know!  Any help is

Bryan Schmidt

91 200
87 4000Q
86 4000S