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Re: The smell of buring oil (HELP)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Twain Mein say:

> So I drove the wagon to the dump this weekend. Of course, silly kid that I 
> am, I drove through as much mud and water as possible. On the way home, at a 
> stop light, I smelled burnt oil. It was faint but definitely present.
> Since then (2 days, 100 miles) the problem is still vaguely there. It has 
> never had this problem before. Any ideas? Otherwise, the car is running very 
> strong (cold air seems to make the turbo perk up).

I've seen this before on my cars. Sometimes, the water will wash around
some of the oil-laden crud in the engine compartment. Some of it lands
on a heated area, and will take a couple of days to burn off. I don't
worry about this. I have enough to worry about :-)

See if you can localize the smell inside the engine compartment.


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