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Re: Windshield washer jet

This happened to me and it turned out to be clogged jets on the hood
(usually from wax). Just take a pin and clear each hole. This is also how
you can adjust the direction of the spray by moving the jet around.
Sounds too simple but it's worth a look..


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On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 21:42:32 -0600, you wrote:

>Hopefully there's a simple fix for this one.
>Anybody have experiance with clogged windshield washer jets. The two on =
the passenger side are not passing fluid at all. I disconnected the hose =
from the jet and fluid is getting there with what appears to be =
sufficient pressure. Driver side continues to work fine.
>My guess is that some debris (?) is somehow trapped in there. I have =
taken a air compressor (not industrial strength) and tried without =
success to dislodge whatever is in there.
>Any ideas?

There is a small check valve on my 87 5K that cause a similar problem
- between the supply and the hood. That would be where I'd look first!

Mark Aaldering