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final word on filters

We can debate for hours.  The only real answer?
Get a bunch of new engines, run them in the same
conditions, each with a different filter.
Tear em down, measure the wear, and there is your answer.

In the real world most of us live in, it makes no difference.
Personally, I use the OEM (Mann, Mahle) filters because I
perceive them to be of a higher quality.  Frams lack the anti
drainback valve, so I dislike them, and they are also cheaply

I have used Bosch filters (that I got from Stranos, who assured
me they were identical to the Mann filters, and they were not)
and they felt much lighter than the Mann/Mahle.  I also
got some filters from Blau last time, with VW/Audi markings,
which also seemed light.  One of these filters left its
rubber seal on the engine when I removed it, which never
happened with the Mann/Mahle.  Always make sure the gasket 
comes off!

I can get OEM filters for about $3 each.  The cheapest I've
seen Frams at is 2/$5.  Is it worth saving $.50 every 3000 
miles?  You decide.

| Dan |
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