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Re: help, moron installed stereo in CQ (bypass rear amp?)

my experience:  the better/dedicated/knowledgable shops tend to provide the
free install if you buy a system from them.  Car Toys here in Seattle is not
the only one--a small independent shop (no, not Magnolia--i said small) I've
patronized for years does the same.  

the big-box/category killer/appliance stores (they do seem to sell car
stereos as they sell refrigerators) target the price-sensitive consumer who
wants nothing but the lowest price.  fine--to each his own.  just don't
expect good product knowledge, a high quality install, or a free install.
also, many of these outfits strike deals with the manufacturers to offer a
unit almost like the mainline products--very similar features, but not
identical, and with a slightly different model number.  don't expect to get
service on these anywhere but from your retailer (if they service it at all)
or the manufacturer's service center.

At 10:07 PM 1/6/97 -0500, Lino M. Valadas wrote:
>The installation cost is buried in the price of the system.  People need to
>> From: Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com>
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>> Subject: RE: help, moron installed stereo in CQ (bypass rear amp?)
>> Date: Monday, January 06, 1997 12:56 PM
>> Car Toys here in the Seattle area installs for free if you purchased the
>> system there. That's why.
>> - peter
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