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>>>I'm not sure of the part numbers, but there is an air-cooled VW app that 
>>>uses 35mm sodium filled valves. they're a lot longer than the audi's, but 
>>>they're cheap and your local machine shop could cut them down and do the 

>>Better watch how far you cut them down, lest that expensive (And Toxic) 
>>Sodium get's out.....

>For a science experiment we broke one open in a shop a few years back, 
>were careful not to touch it, just kinda oozed and bubbled as it was 
>exposed to the air. Not blinded by science this time...

Hi Dave,

	If you'd dropped it into a bucket of water you would have gotten the
full show...possibly BIG bang and schrappnel:-)

			Don't try this and happy motoring,


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