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Rim question in the UK

In message <32D3CDFD.767F@together.net> Thompson Smith writes:

> The company offering them is EuroSport 69 Ratcliffe Gate,
> Mansfield, Nottingham NG17 3HD   Ph. 01 623 427775.
> Any hindsight to the reputation and rim manufacturer
> before I indulge in overseas faxes and purchase?

I don't know.  The UK Club has a member in Mansfield and he should be at the 
Nottingham meeting tomorrow ("Stan the Man", as he's known).  He is of a 
practical persuasion, so I'll ask him.
Stan got caught out last year - he melted a piston in his WR and fitted an MB 
"just to tide him over while waiting for parts".  It turned out the MB engine 
was, unknown to Stan, stolen property.  The police came to check, had a word 
with him, and notified the insurance company.  _They_ can't work out who it 
really belongs to, so Stan is still driving round with it on the understanding 
that, if the legal owner can be determined, he will hand it over or pay them a 
reasonable price for it.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club