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RE: Plastic Film Protects Headlights ??

The plastic works great.  I use the 3M heavy film sold by the Audi dealer in Denver - Prestige.  Have used it on three Audis in the past 6 years.  We have lots of rock and stone damage in Colorado.  I found out the expensive way - having a rock take out a new euro light assembly for a 91 200tq.  $50 for the film is cheaper than 300+ for the assembly.  I'll never drive an Audi in the winter in Colorado without the film.

Did not like the hard plastic snap on covers - always scratched and looked bad.

If you use the plastic film, MAKE SURE the headlight and the film is good and warm i.e. 80 deg.f.  They install badly when cold or room temp.  The headlight is easy to warm up, just turn it on and wait.  You can put the film in your toaster oven on low for a few minutes.  

I have heard of some Porsches having problems with the film on Euro Porsche - Bosch lights with much higher than std wattage bulbs.

Vail, CO
93 S4
90 C4