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Re: Leasing a new Audi A4 - AudiDoDat?

Andrew Fletcher writes:
> I would like to move to the US as per previous posts and we will prob
> just pick up a pre '85 Audi for under $4K for the first 6 months, but if
> leasing is cheap enuff we might just go for a new A4 straight away???

Leasing a A4 is a pretty good deal. Right now, VW/Audi is listing
the A4q with the highest residual value of *any* of the models (a4,a6,a8).

Leasing in the US generally allows 15,000 miles per year. If you
plan to drive 12,000 or 10,000 you can add 2% or 3% to the
residual value.

Here's the residual values for it (months;residual %):

24;64 30;61 36;60 39;59 42;53 48;50 60;44

Interest rates are calculated using a strange number called a
'money factor'. You can multiply the money factor by about 240 to
get the 'regular' interest rate.

The interest rates for leases 39 months and below is around 8%
(.00330 money factor).

You can calculate lease-vs-loan and see monthly payments at 

Audi does their leasing thru VW in the US, so check out
www.vw.com and follow the link to VW Credit.