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Steering whobble

On my 90 I have just got done changing my control arm bushing and almost
all of the front sway bar bushings.  One new ball joint and the other
in good condition.  But! I still have a slight steering whobble.  If a
jerk the wheel one way real quick and then bring it back to normal I get
slight whobble.  It feels similar to warped rotors but since I just changed
the rotors, I rule that out as well.  I'm due for new struts, could this
be it or maybe tie rod ends?  What is the best way to check tie rod
ends and I am thinking about Boge struts?  Opinions?  The only other
things I could think of was subframe bushings and motor mounts.  I am
gonna get my tires balanced and rotated soon so they may eliminate a little
of it, but I doubt that is the reason.