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Re: Used A4 Prices

> Even though used car price books are often useless, I was still
> shocked at how low they've valued a used A4.  Then I realized
> that they have a very bizarre system, where you need to
> refer to an equipment table and add dollar amounts to the
> prices above for all equipment that's on the A4, even standard
> equipment like power windows, AC, ABS, etc.   The adjustment
> amount that I came up with was $3610.  Still pretty low.
> I think they're dreaming.

I just got off the phone with my credit union to see about financing the '85
Ur-Q I recently bought for cash (the idea being to continue work on the race
car project, the budget for which was spent buying the Ur-Q) ... anyway, I'm
still trying to get over the shock: According to them, low book is $3,800 to
$4,000 and high book is $7,000 (!) ... however, because it is more than five
years old, they will only loan up to 60% of the low book value: $2,400!  She
seemed very surprised when I tried explaining that I'd paid *more* than high
book for the car and considered it a steal given the actual market price for
these cars!

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