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Re: Rear Transverse Links (aka suspension noises)

The upper control arms (links) are a common source of rear suspension
noise and probably need replacement after 100K and your cost of appx
$100 USD is pretty reasonable.
Another source for noise that I've recently tracked down is the forward
bushing of the trapezoidal link of the rear suspension.  Initially this
bolt-on "support" replacement part was quoted as $260 from the dealer. 
However, I learned that the bushing itself is a press-in item and is
available separately for $15.  Since it is the point of wear, that's all
that is needed to quiet down the clunking.
Hope this is useful
> >I was wondering if you could tell me how you diagnosed to the point where you
> >found the noise to be the links....I am currently troubleshooting a clunking
> >from the right rear of my 88 5KCSTQ mostly when there is weight in the
>> link move away from the car.  I bought my new ones from Linda for a hundred
> something each.  :-(  (Don't forget the special trip to Sears for the
> monster socket to get 'em off.)
> -Mike
> '87 5kCS TQ (Fort Collins, Colorado)
> '84 5kS (Boulder, Colorado)
> '90 80 (Bethesda, Maryland)