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Re: V8 or not to V8

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     Agree 100 percent with you post except -- if I got another V8 I'd 
look for the UFOs and I'd prefer a 90 because of final drive ratio!
OK, but I can run faster than any flaming arrow! Minority position...
      Mine's bigger than yours!!! My BMW 7series had much bigger 
maintenance bills than your MB <G> ... and I really liked the car. 
      Bottom line, if something happened to my V8, just after I got 
out of jail for murder I'd look for an identical twin.
     And condition (previous owner) means everything...

Another oar on same boat,
Mud, rain, snow, rain, mud, OOOooooohhhhh
Whidbey Island, WA


> If you get a  earlier one, make sure the brakes have been changed to
> the regular good ole normal type.
> Good luck!
> Paul Rivera
> 90 V8.
> A4 1.8tq on order.