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Re: Wheels for a 83 TQC

> With the 225s on 16x8x35, I get a small beep in REALLY hard cornering,
> when the inboard side of the tire touches the control arm bushing.
> Since your offset is an additional 10mm further in, I can see where
> you would hit inboards. This also explains why you had no problem
> outboards in the rear.

I tried the 8x17 wheels from my 200q on my '85 Ur-Q ... with 215/45-17s on
them, the 33mm offset fronts cleared everything; the 45mm offset rears had
less than 1/8" of clearance between the tire and steering arm, which isn't

On the rear, the 45mm offset wheels had plenty of room -- I probably could
fit a 245/40-17 back there without any problems! -- but looked funny since
they were tucked-in by almost another inch compared to the OEM wheels.  In
the end, I decided to use 33mm offset wheels all around -- it will make it
much easier to rotate tires than on my 200q, with the different offsets on
the front and rear! -- and ordered up yet another wheel to match the other
three spares I already have.

Because I don't want to screw up the OEM suspension geometry (at least not
yet!), I'll probably run 215/40-17s after the 215/45-17 SP-8000s my friend
gave me wear out.  This frees up the OEM wheels for the 225/50-15 R1s I've
ordered for autocrossing.  :^)

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