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Re: Explaining Chip mods

>         That is where I believe it is important to deal with somebody you 
> trust.

I agree wholeheartedly ... however, there is a difference between refusing
to divulge a trade secret and refusing to divulge anything.  In this case,
what I wanted to know was WHAT Ned was doing -- adjusting boost, timing or
fueling, etc. and under what conditions -- and NOT the specs for where and
how he was doing it.  For him to have answered my questions satisfactorily
would have required him to simply tell me what he's trying to achieve, his
rationale behind making these changes and an explanation of the methods by
which he does so ... this he didn't/wouldn't do.  Maybe he was busy or had
someplace to go since others seem to make a point of how free with info he
can be at times but this wasn't the case when I talked with him.  No trust
(because he did nothing to earn mine) equals no sale in my book...

Am I the only one to have experienced with him?  Should I give him another

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