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NEW Audi topic...

As several of us have vast custom wheel expertise, and have discussed their
contact with manufacturers, I'm wondering if anyone has ever discussed the
cost of custom designed rims with them.  This is not because I have some
outlandish design idea - rather an improved version of the breed.  
I love my Fuch rims. I think they make a good looking Audi look great. I
would REALLY love to have the same design in a 16" rim. Not 17" - I think we
learned enough from Mike Spiers coffee table to satisfy our questions there!
Anyone interested in contacting one of the custom manufacturers to discuss
cost for like - 40 of these? I imagine at least 10 people on this list would
leap at the chance to upgrade to 16" custom offset rims if they were of a
Fuch alloy design. My top end price would have to be in the neighborhood of
about 300.00 to 350.00 each.

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