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Oil filters

Ok, I'm torn.. I have used Fram exclusively in both of my Audi's and put
100k on one before selling (160k) and have put 75k on my current 200t (130k).
Neither has/had burned any oil along the way. I bought a MB 300e last year and
used a Fram filter with bad results. On the MB, the filter is mounted upside
down on top of the engine, and after hearing noisy lifters for 4k miles,
I realized the importance of the anti-drain valve. I was dry starting the
car every time. Because of the way the filter is located on the Audi, this
appears not to be a factor (at least that I can hear). In the case of the 
MB, it's not a question of "is it better", the Fram filter should not be sold
for this car.. period. I have been looking for an Allied Signal web site to
express my opinion but no luck so far. Maybe someone representing Fram could
confirm/deny some of the findings ? 

Bob Dunne