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Re: Stongard on paint (min. Audi Content)

>PS:  Went to Lake Tahoe Area (Incline Village, NV specifically) between
>Christmas and New Year's in the 91 Coupe.  Was VERY impressed with the
>Quattro in the snow, and  have been raving about its performance to
>anyone willing to listen since then (But I did spare the Qlist of my

Should have given me a call since that's where I live!  You happened to
catch us between (I guess during as well if you were here for Christmas)
our worst winter storm (all roads were closed in and out of Incline) and
our flooding of the century (more like in Reno and Carson City).  If
anyone comes to visit the Tahoe area, let me know and we can get
together.  I hope you got the chance to drive SR 28 between Incline
Village and I-50.  That road is a blast in a Q.  Maybe next time you
come to town give me a holler (or anyone else for that matter).

Mark Nelson
Incline Village, Nevada

'87 5KTQ
'91 CQ

BTW - What color is your car, maybe I saw it?