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Differential Pressure Regulator

The continuing saga of the stumbling, sputtering 86 4000CSQ
continues. Some of you graciously offered advice on this one 2 or 3
months ago (Weird Running). A pattern now seems to be developing.
Generally starts good, but may stumble a bit after driven a few
blocks. Need to rev the he~ out of it (Full Throttle) to get it to run
smoothly through the accelerators' range. If shut down for 15 to 30
minutes in our Minnesota winter temperatures and then re-started, it
will barely idle. Again, the reving is needed.

New developments;
1. The Differential Pressure Regulator (hangs on the side of the fuel
dist) seems to leak fuel, not only from the O-ring area, but also from
the holes that are molded into the plastic body. 2. When the car
barely idles after being shut down for 15 min., and I disconnect the
02 sensor, the idle smoothes out and car runs reasonably well,
although young son (his car) claims that it lacks punch.

As near as I can tell, The Differential Pressure Reg. is fed from the
computer, which gets its' signal from the engine temp sensor during
warm-up and then from the 02 sensor after warm-up. Questions: 1. Has
anybody seen a Regulator leak like this? If so, is it the part, or
could it be something down stream of the part that is causing a
excessive pressure build-up? The Regulators' coil resistance seems to
measure a bit high, but could be the meters' calibration. 2. Does
anyone have a regulator from a parted-out car that we could use -
either from a diagnostic standpoint and/or purchase? 3. We thought
that our 02 sensors' heater might have opened - could have fit the
failure pattern I think. However, the coil has continuity. 4. Do I
(the car) have multiple problems? 5. Hope I can eliminate the computer
from the picture??

Once again HELP!! and THANKS!!

N. Mankato, MN.