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Re: Noise from underneath V8

Another data point:  Three months ago I had a similar "graunch and knocking" 
complaint (at 41k miles, don't feel so bad George E.!).  Dealer removed 
crossmember from underbody and "straightened" it so that exhaust didn't 
knock against it anymore.  Charged me for 90 minutes labor.

Given my recent service experience ($2600 for both rear caliper/slider 
sets),  if I needed new motor or tranny mounts I'm certain they would have 
jumped at the chance to sell them to me!  ;-)

So, to the list of possible graunch/knocking causes add: bent crossmember. 
 Hmmm, maybe it was really "too straight" to start with?

Now, if I could just stop the exhaust heat shield from rattling like a 
tambourine.... Any ideas?

 -Andy Tiura
90 V8Q