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Re: Ur-Q bomb replacement...

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> The "bomb" on my '85 Ur-Q needs to be replaced and the one I bought from GPR
> came in a box by itself rather than with a flow-regulator attached, as I was
> expecting.  It came with instructions about how to replace but it looks like
> the whole assembly has to be removed from the car and at least one tool will
> need to be made ... does this sound about right or can I leave everything in
> place and use a strap wrench to loosen/tighten it?
> Any input will be appreciated.
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> I changed mine by removing the assembly, mainly because it seemed the easiest way to 
clean everything up.  Once the hoses are removed the removal of the assembly is just four 
nuts (not easy to access but can be done).

The unit is supported on rubber isolators - in my case one was swollen due to contact 
with fluid.  I reused it because I didn't have a spare to hand but it should have been 

The removal process means the reservoir is drained.  There is a filter in this reservoir 
which, for my 85 UrQ, differs from the earlier 83 design and from the dealers parts 
fiche.  My filter element was in bad shape so have a look at yours - in my case it was a 
matter of sliding off the circlip holding the basket screen, squeezing the clip retaining 
the compression spring (note which way up the clip goes and measure the position of the 
clip relative to the top of the rod so you know how much tension to apply on reassembly.

You may want to start the whole process at the reservoir and use a turkey baster to 
remove the fluid - it reduces the amount that will drain out at the bomb.

Indidentally, you may not have a problem unscrewing the bomb - the seal is made by an O 
ring.  Once the assembly is in a vice, it is like unscrewing an oil filter.

Good luck - don't lose the copper seals on the hydraulic fittings.