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re: DRLs

Someone asked about day time running lights...

I don't really understand what people have against properly used DRLs (you
know, running low beam and parking lights with ignition on). This is how my
Volvos have worked as the lights automatically go off with the
ignition...so I just set the light switch to on when I buy the car and
don't worry about it!

BTW, in my experience, the added visibility when overtaking, passing, or
driving on a shadowy street is definitely worth it. Also seems to clear the
slow jerks out of the fast lane...

So, on to your question...I *think* it's possible to set up real DRLs in
the Audi...the Canadian cars came this way...but I couldn't get anyone to
divulge how or what would be required...seems a relay in the fusebox would
trigger the DRLs, but again, zero info was available...

So what I did was to set up the inboard (city) lights with a relay,
switched with the ignition. On the 200, these lights are useless in
American trim, so I figured they could do some good...I've thought about
using a different relay to switch them off when the headlights are switched
on, but haven't bothered yet. I gather that Radio Shack has a relay that
will switch off when sensing current, rather switching on...

I run 22cp bulbs and these are plenty bright for the purpose.

Hope that helps,

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