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Re: <A4 1.8T> Looking for Owners Advice

Vikram Kumar writes:

First, please make sure your mail client wraps your lines...yours
came thru as one long line (I had to split it manually).

>I am in the market for a vehicle and the A4 1.8T seems to fit my needs. 
>I was wondering if there are any 1.8T owners who can email me their 
>experiences with the car (good & bad). If you could also post what a 
>good price for an A4 1.8T w/ Sunroof package, Automatic, Trip Computer, 
>Quattro and Sport Package would be ?

I just put my money down for a A4q 1.8T.

I shopped around a bit, including using Auto-By-Tel (on the web).

Initally, I went to Pass & Weiss, in Burlington, MA. I was given
a quote of 'list price' for the car, and dealer cost for all
options. For me, this worked out to %14 over cost, or $436 less
than list. Not a great deal.

After I posted about that on the list, someone mentioned that a
dealer in Columbus, OH would be happy with 4-5% over cost.

I contacted Auto-by-Tel, and they put me in touch with Clair Audi
in Boston (has anyone dealt with them)? They offered $26,900, but
the salesperson really turned me off by trying to sell me an 2.8
or a auto 1.8T (not what I want).

I called the sales manager at Pass & Weiss (since my salesperson
is out this week), and said that their offer was supposed to be
competitive, but was not even close. He apologized for what must
have been an error and came back with a quote of $26,760 (which
is %6.8 over cost).

So, I ended up ordering a Aluminum Silver 1.8Tq with a manual
transmission, the sunroof pkg, sport pkg, all weather pkg and
trip computer (they seem to have thrown this in for free, since I
added it after the quote, but the purchase form was for the same

Now, the sale mgr said that Audi hasn't even started to make the
1.8T manuals. He's hoping that they might see some in March.
Since the lease on my current car is up in April, they're going
to try to dealer trade a car that's already in the order
pipleline, rather than ordering anew...

Hope this helps.