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Re: Mo'Oil

At 01:42 PM 01/09/97 CDT, you wrote:

>I have also used Amsoil's bypass filters; these use a T off the oil 
>pressure sending unit to send oil to a large (1.5 QT) filter which is 
>mounted at a place of convenience, and the output of this filter is 
>returned to the engine - requiring a hole to be made in rocker arm 
>cover or some such.  (Actually, Amsoil recommended returnint it to 
>the oil pan but nothing will make me start punching holes in my oil 
>pan - I routed it back to the rocker arm cover in the car in 
>question, making sure the flow was above a baffle and not dripping 
>directly onto a valve...)

I pulled out the brochure/catalog I have, for the following info (somewhat

Actually, (for a couple of years or more now?), Amsoil now makes it much
easier to install and use the bypass (i.e. second, higher-quality) filter
system. They make a spin-on adapter plate that fits oil lines that go to
both the bypass and "regular" (if I can call it that; it is by no means just
an ordinary filter!!) filters, which can be mounted in an easily accessible
location (for easy quick filter changes).

No more tapping into the oil sending unit, or cutting into oil pans etc.
They make it real easy now.

The system removes wear-causing particles down to less than 1 micron. It
also removes rust-and-corrosion-causing water. It increases the service life
of the oil by keeping it cleaner, longer. It will completely filter a
6-quart system in about 5 minutes (at engine speed equivalents to 45 mph).
It increases oil volume by more than 25% (depending on size of filters
used), and reduces overall oil operating temperatures.

I've been thinking of getting one of these, and might just do it sometime
soon (actually, I might wait until the weather gets a bit warmer...). If I
do it, I'll certainly let everyone know how I make out.

Anyway, for those interested in Amsoil info, they have a home page at
http://www.amsoil.com or they can be contacted at:

AMSOIL Building * Superior, Wisconsin * 1-800-777-8491 * Fax 715-392-5225

I have a link to their site off my home page as well.

Usual disclaimers apply. I have nothing to personally gain. I am just a
satisfied user. I just figured the group (and Al) could benefit from knowing
about the improved installation/system.

>The bypass filter provides even FINER filtration, but works at much 
>less than full flow.  Memory says that in most cars, it takes about 5 
>hours of driving to get all the oil thru the bypass filter - of 
>course, it's going thru the normal filter as well.

See above.

>Unfortunately, I can't find a place for the bypass filters in my 
>current 1990 200 or 83 280ZXT, so I have them on the shelf while I 
>wait for installation-inspiration to strike.

Perhaps with the improved mounting system, you can now find a place? I hope so.

Anyway, hope this helps.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S