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Ur-Q wheel offsets...

Since I'm planning on autocrossing my '85 Ur-Q and will be running it in a
stock class that limits the number of modifications that can be made, I need
to be able to prove my car is legal in the event it's protested.  I am
required to bring a "Factory Service Manual" with me to every event to
document the legality of the car so I've been carefully comparing my car to
the manual in order to make sure they agree with each other.

So far, so good ... except the Bentley lists the OEM 8x15 wheels as having a
45mm offset instead of 24mm, the offset of the wheels that are actually on
the car.  I suspect this is a typo but since the rules allow only a +/- .25"
variance from the stock offset, my car could be deemed "illegal" if I'm ever
protested on this.  I'm pretty sure that a 45mm offset 8x15 wheel *WON'T*
fit the car without rubbing something on the inside but I'm also told that
some people have seen and/or own a set of OEM 8x15s with this offset.

Does anyone have any input on this?  Likewise, I've also heard there is/was
a "Factory Service Manual" other than the Bentley ... does anyone know
anything about this too?


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