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My last word on IA v. TAP

	Thanks for all the private e-mails guys.  

	My point is, and for years has been, this:  Is there a cheaper 
alternative to Ned's computer mod?  Well, sounds like some out there cost 
$125, $495, etc., so, apparently the answer is yes.  BUT, I have neither 
the time nor the desire to study up on how to alter my computer, nor do I 
really like to conduct experiments on my daily driver.  I have done the 
experiment route many times while drag racing and, usually, you [I] break 
parts.  It just is not cost effective FOR ME.  Ned has the reputation, 
earned over many years, of being honest.  That, to me, is all important.  
His competition [and it is not just in Florida] is selling some stuff 
that, well, ain't all it is cracked up to be IMHO, YMMV.