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Rocket Science

They ahve been a couple of posts recently re: oil filters & 
sodium-filled valves (or is that "tubes"?) mentioning that
"this is not rocket science".  Well, having worked at Hughes
for most of my working life on Satellite-based communications
systems, and having had experience of satellites and rocket
boosters (to some extent) I just have to say that Rocket
Science "is not rocket science"!   For the past 5 years I 
swapped into Cellular Telephony (you know ... car phones
& stuff) developing the infrastructure equipment (the cell 
radio system).  Contrary to what you might believe, the
complexity and technology in that is at least 10 times greater
than anything in satellites (at least apart from the materials
science).  The computers used in the Shuttle are 30yr old

Just my 2cents.

Audi content: Audi Quattro's are great!

-Mark Quinn