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Re: Electronic Interferrance

On Jan 10,  9:22am, Dupree, Robert A. wrote:
> Subject: Electronic Interferrance
> They did a nice job on the install, but after it was
> done there was a severe whine from the amp directly related to the
> alternator / engine speed.

> The shop said that it was the fault of the amp  and that Coustics
> are known for crappy  electronic noise protection.

Possibly, but it's also possible that the shop is grasping at
straws.  If the shop thinks it's the amp, take your car back,
and say "OK.  Let's see.  Why don't you put a [Kenwood | ads |
whatever_they_sell ] amp in, temporarily.  Just sit it next
to the Coustic, use the *same wiring*.  If the noise problem
goes away, I'll buy the amp.  If not, YOU fix your install."

There's always a chance that the amp will indeed fix the problem,
in which case, you're gonna want to buy a new amp anyway.
But chances are better that it's sloppy wiring, IMO.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q