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Re: IA vs. TAP, Ned & info

I've had both experiences with Ned.  My first was when I called about the mod
for the 5ktq.  It was purely curiousity on my part, as I had no idea at the
time, and I was completely rebuffed.  I accepted that as his prerogative and
was totally satisfied with the product.  

My second experience, for the 200, was different.  He was much more willing
to discuss it even without being prodded much.  I made a comment about being
advised by someone else to use the Hoppen mod and he took it from there.

Maybe it was the approach, maybe it was the mood, or maybe it was the timing.
 He may be learning that it is to his benefit to be more open.  

Either way I'm an a twice happy customer. (Though somewhat less well-funded
:-) )

Ed Kellock ................ Lansing, Iowa
91 200qw .................... 87 gt coupe