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Re: Ur-Q bomb replacement...


If you attempt to do the job with the unit in place
you have some risk to the shock mountings of the
base unit.  I ended up taking mine off first.
It wasn't that hard to do with the proper wrenches.
You could try some relatively gentle persuasion
with a strap type oil filter wrench while still
installed.  If you are lucky, you might save an 
hour's work.

A big money saver is as follows.  If you...

	a.) are replacing it cuase it leaks
	b.) get OK brake pumping results
	c.) can get it off with a strap wrench

You only need a 10 cent o-ring and not the whole bomb,
so leave it in the package and return it for $$$  :-)
My expereience and some anecdotal evidence from the list
suggest many replacements are not needed and we have been
getting ripped off for years.  

Of course I took mine off with a pipe wrench :-(

paul t-