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Quattro Owner's Club Membership and Jackets

Hi All,

To clear up any confusion over Membership of the UK Quattro Owner's
Club and QOC jackets, I spoke to Roger Galvin, the Membership
Secretary, today.

QOC Jackets are only available to members of the UK QOC.  Membership
of the UK QOC costs ?25 ($60) per year and the jackets cost ?55 ($110)
plus ?9 ($15) postage if air-mail delivery is required.  Each jacket is
embroidered on the inside with the owners name and thus is individually
produced.  Production is currently taking about 4 weeks from Roger
placing the order with the manufacturer.  He orders batches of 30 when he
has received the ORDER AND THE PAYMENT plus payment for
membership where necessary.  Payment can be made in negotiable
$ or ? cheques.

Available sizes are:

XS 32"-36" chest
S  36"-40"
M  40"-44"
L  44"-48"
XL 48"-52"

Orders and applications for membership can be sent direct to:

Roger Galvin
QOC Membership Secretary
19 Cunningham Drive
Leicestershire, LE17 4YR
United Kingdom

Tel/Fax (+44) 1455 557190

Roger asked me to point out that this is his home telephone number,
and that calls he receives between 1900 - 0900 GMT will solicit a reply
at 0830 GMT or any other inappropriate time, so you have been warned!


Nigel Banks
Tel: (+44) 1628 771772
Fax: (+44) 1628 771779