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US bumpers 1, euro bumpers 0

With all of the lovely weather we've been having in Germany (Europe for that
matter) lately there's been lots of potential for accidents.  I was in the wrong
spot at the wrong time this afternoon.

Autobahn off-ramp, waiting for a gap in traffic in my wife's Honda Accord.  Not
wanting to spin-out or cause the traffic to brake excessively I was looking for
a BIG gap.  BUMP!!  I don't know if the driver behind me thought I was moving or
she just didn't stop.  

The car was/is extremely dirty, but I couldn't see any damage.  The VW Golf has
at least 2000 DM damage:  new fender, paint, bumper, turn signal.  I'll have to
get under the Accord to see if the plastic cover is only hiding the damage or if
the DOT mandated 5 mph bumper really does work.

Mandatory Audi content:  Had I been in my 200, I'd have been in traffic already.
Her car needed gas.

Joe Yakubik