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Re: DRLs

I have to agree. I can't believe that ANY lights would have a measurable
impact on mileage. Even A/C is far less than a 10% drag... Since an
alternator is being belt driven all the time anyway (unlike a clutch 
operated A/C unit), how would the mechanics of lower mileage come into
play ?

Bob Dunne
'90 200t

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martians caused someone to write:

> It was calculated that the difference in mileage can be up to 10%_ enormous
> when you reckon with all those millions of cars driving with lights
> switched on.

this figure (10%) makes no sense at all, or must be an extreme
exception. perhaps the car has several hundred lights attached ?

the impact on petrol consumption must be negligible for the VAST
majority of vehicles, especially in the context of other factors that
impact consumption (driving style, city/highway, etc).


a4qt. driven by ppl who switch their lights ON when they get in the car,
OFF when they get out. whatever the conditions. if this prevents **one**
moron from driving into our precious audi, that's enough to justify the