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Re: Hella drawings are here!

In Volume 04 : Number 057, tnas@dtpdirect.nl writes:

>One observation: all replies came from the US. So, is there anyone in the
>US I can send the complete drawings to, who can fabricate the plastic
>bezels? (Fibreglass, ABS, Lexan, Carbon...?) and is willing to look into
>this thing? 

I'm interested, and can possibly assess the mold cost, assuming the
bezels are injection molded. Can you provide or fax me some overall
dimensions [thickness, width, height, depth, cross-section]? 
I might be able to project a rough
cost from this, and then canvas the net to see if there's sufficient
interest to finance the mold cost. The material is likely an engineered
resin, like polycarbonate, I'm guessing.
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