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RE: Explaining Chip Mods

I called Ned and talked to him at length about 1 mounth ago. I
specifically asked him what was the difference between his chip mod
and TAP's. He said that the TAP had hesitation, stumbling, rough
running problems that were not present with his. I have since talked
to Chad Clark who is on the Q-list and he said his TAP chip has only
experienced those symptoms a couple times during hot summer weather
and he believes it is the ECU doing its job when engine temps. get
hot. Ned's HP and PSI numbers are about the same as TAP (Ned-73
HP@5K-5.5K rpm, 63 HP @ max rpm and 13.88 psi, TAP-65 HP and 12.5-14
psi). Ned also indicated that the TAP mod bypassed some of the safety
features in the ECU, I can't remember specifics but I think it was
the fuel cutoff at high boost pressure. One thing that bothers me is
if the stock 5KTQ is 1.3 BAR and Ned or TAP is running 13.88 psi or
1.94 BAR this is a 32.9% increase in boost but they are claiming a
37.8 increase in HP (167 HP stock  increased by 63 HP). Maybe the
turbo in these incredible cars are more than 100% efficient!!!!!!!!

  At any rate I thought Ned was very helpful and willing to answer
any quection I had, maybe he wasn't busy that day. I have recently
purchased a 5KTQW clutch from him and he gave me a decent price
($350) and his wife Judy was very helpful getting it shipped. I have
since found a clutch for $100 dollars cheaper but his price was the
best I could find at the time. I guess it pays to wait!!!

87 5KTQ 
84 4KQ (for sale - too many toys!)
90 Aerostar (ashamed to admit it even though its my wife's)
79 F150 4X4
88 KX 500
83 GPZ 750