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RE: 200qw alternator replaced, 4 wheel alignment

Crowned highways (any straight roads, really): a little - <5 degrees -
towards the high side.
- peter
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>Sent:	Friday, January 10, 1997 8:13 AM
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>Subject:	200qw alternator replaced, 4 wheel alignment
>Took the wagon to Low-Burg Audi (Olds, Caddy, Aurora, VW, Isuzu) in LaCrosse,
>They pulled the voltage regulator/brushes and they looked good.  Alternator
>Audi part $503.   I called around and found a Bosch reman at Napa (in stock!)
>for $265.  Turns out the Audi part is a Bosch reman as well, not new.  New
>belt installed $25.
>Labor $119 (2 hours).  Bosch warranties the part for 12 months/unlimited
>miles.  They also provide free jump start or towing for two years if the part
>fails.  Yippie.
>The trans/diff fluid level was good so I guess the leak has corrected itself
>(had to add a pint last month).  Still burning off the right side catalytic
>converter.  Mmm smells good.
>In doing the wheel alignment, the left tie rod adjuster was frozen and the
>tie rod end broke.  Alignment $49.95.  Tie rod end $59.  Labor to install
>LF toe was out.  RR camber out.  Had slight pull to the left.  Fixed.
>Open question to all:  How much is your steering wheel turned when driving on
>a typically crowned road.  The state highway to/back from LaCrosse is crowned
>in the center and my wheel was turned slightly to the left.  On the
>interstate, in the left lane it was turned about an equal amount the the
>right.  So it seems okay, but I'm still curious.
>I don't know why I go to the dealer.  I guess it's a weakness.  I could have
>replaced the damn alternator and belt myself.  Oh well.  I guess I'm getting
>a bit lazy at the ripe old age of 34.
>Ed Kellock ................. Lansing, Iowa
>91 200qw ...................... 87 gt coupe