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Should I?

Pangs of missing that Ď87 5kcstqw loom large after the near 3 year absence
(thanks to loosing it to my ex-wife). Have been watching prices of 5ktqís
(sedans) plummet in recent months doesnít help. Love my 4kq-I must as of the
5 Audiís I have had the pleasure to own, 3 have been 4kqís.

Now, the real question...do I or donít I let these pangs get the best of my
better judgment. I have found an Ď87 5kcstq that sounds worth a look. I truly
canít afford a third car so the 4kq would have to go :(...it is running and
driving near perfect and needs (almost) nothing, Iím the second owner and it
looks near new when detailed.

Having owned a 5kcstq (wagon) for a time and from being part of this list
(digest version) I think I can safely say I know most of the pitfalls. I do
most of my own repairs and maintenance and am electronically inclined (read
semi-fearless of the wrath of the Audi-gods).

The Ď87 5kcsq in question is 150k miles old, second owner for only one year
who tells me heís selling because he is moving to TX. and wants a Blazer or
some such thing. Cosmetic condition is stated to be excellent in and out, he
says everything works...and I grilled him about climate control, windows,
seat heaters and controls, sunroof, etc. He has all the first ownerís
maintenance records and history and states the first owner was meticulous.
Asking price is $3850.00, color is described as a dark brown/black metallic
(graphite?) with gray leather. The owner says the only thing he is aware of
wrong is the brakes take a pump to come up...Bomb? Oh, and a small (yeah
right) leak in the rack. So, going in I know Iíll at least be looking at the
rack soon and perhaps a bomb. Aside from that Iím not too fearful of the
miles. The car is in Fremont, CA. which is about an hour from me. I wonít
have a chance to go look see Ďtill Sunday at the soonest...should I??? Or, do
I just forget the notion and remain happy with what is truly the best car I
have ever owned as far as reliability and fun (yes, I too think the 5ktqís
are capable of more performance than a 4kq or -gasp- urq). As a single parent
who has just rebuilt his life in recent years...do I take the plunge into
Pentosin hell and commit to paying out to the Audi gods or leave well enough

Any and all comments, suggestions are welcome and TIA. If there is anyone
here interested in this if I pass (and Steve B hasnít set someone up with it
already ;-) ) I would be happy to pass along the #. I guess if I pass, they
will only keep getting cheaper, but ones in this condition (as yet unverified
though) with all records are going to get scarcer and scarcer...oh what to
do. Wish I could justify snagging it and keeping both...but as a bicycle
commuter and single parent, it would be excessive I guess :(.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (really missing that beautiful dk. blue tq wagon, but loving the lilí
q just the same)