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Re: Inline filters to protect AC programmer

>From: "Southerlin, Russ S" <STHRRSAB@edex.litc.lockheed.com>
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:40:45 -0700
>Subject: RE: Inline filters to protect AC programmer
>If the engine vacuum is "sucking" (I think I hear that sucking sound)
>on the AC programmer to create the vacuum necessary then how does any
>oil or contamination get to the AC programmer? Any debris or oil
>should go toward the engine since it is doing the "sucking".  

You raise an interesting point.  I don't know since I have been asking those
with more experience about this.  But does the 'vacuum' also have to work to
somehow push controls the other way?  Whatever the answer it seems that this
filter add on has helped others protect the selonoids from oily mist at any
rate. I am sure that some other will have the needed tech to answer your